A Passion for Legal Excellence.

Jonathan Hilton - Attorney Bio

Mr. Hilton is a litigator who plays to win.  He was valedictorian of his University of Cincinnati law school class, and he received the Stanley M. Chesley and Hon. Susan J. Dlott Award for excellence in litigation.  While in law school, Mr. Hilton was a legal researcher and briefwriter for the boutique law firm Markovits, Stock & DeMarco, LLC, where he contributed substantially to a number of successful legal arguments in multimillion-dollar federal trial and appellate court cases.  Some of that firm's greatest accomplishments have included, with significant help from Mr. Hilton:

  • A federal appellate court upholding an 11.4 million dollar verdict against Toyota

  • An over 80 million dollar class action settlement with Duke Energy

  • An important federal appellate court ruling allowing the Ohio Public Employees Retirement System to continue its securities fraud lawsuit against Freddie Mac

Mr. Hilton also externed for two different justices—the Honorable Justice Judith Ann Lanzinger of the Ohio Supreme Court and the Honorable Justice David John Newman of the High Court of Botswana.

After law school, Mr. Hilton further honed his skills by working as an associate at Jones Day, one of the most prestigious law firms in the United States.  At that firm, Mr. Hilton had the privilege of working with some of the nation’s most talented attorneys, including former law clerks to the U.S. Supreme Court.

Mr. Hilton left Jones Day in 2017 to start a solo practice. Geoffrey Parker, another associate from Jones Day, joined Mr. Hilton the following year to form Hilton Parker LLC. Since its inception, Hilton Parker LLC has helped clients recover hundreds of thousands of dollars through litigation in both federal and state courts.

Additionally, Mr. Hilton is a National Master chess player.  He was the youngest player to ever win the Cincinnati Chess Championship (at age 15), and by the time Mr. Hilton had finished high school, he was the #4 ranked player in Ohio.  He has had three books published on chess by Mongoose Press, and he loves to put his strategic skills to good use advocating for his clients.